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We Want to Make Sure All Aspects of Your Experience with Dexines are Seamless.

We kindly request that you take a moment to carefully review these important documents before proceeding with any actions such as providing personal information, downloading content, or making purchases on our website.

These documents are essential for both your understanding of our policies and your compliance with our terms and conditions. Your privacy and security are of utmost importance to us, and being informed about our policies ensures a safe and transparent online experience for everyone. Thank you for your cooperation and trust in our website.

Privacy Policy

There is certain personal data we collect in order to provide you with optimized service or to simply complete your purchase or free download. Rest assured we do not sell your date with any third party. Visit our Privacy Policy page and find out more.

Terms of Use

By visiting our site and accessing its content, you agree to certain terms and conditions. Don’t worry, these are standard terms of service which are applicable to almost any website you visit these days. Feel free to read through this policy document.

Cookies Policy

Oh yes, the famous delicious cookies policy. Like everyone else, we like cookies too. Some we collect, some we consume. These cookies serve a purpose, and that is for us to be able to serve you better. It allows us to understand what you like best on our website.

Cookies Settings

Some cookies we collect by default. Those are non intrusive ones. The rest are not selected by default and only get activated if you allow us to. You don’t have to, but if you feel like it, you can send some more cookies our way.

How to Download Freebies

Tricky business this. In order for us to track the downloads, we would want you to add the free item to the cart and then check out. No credit card required. No payment made. Don’t let this intimidate you, read these simple instructions for a quick guide.

License Agreement

Even though you can use our free photos/images/digital content for personal & commercial use, this use is still governed by a license agreement. Please read through the terms set in this agreement before you proceed to download and use the content.

Attribution Policy

Here’s the deal – all our free downloadable content can be used for personal or commercial projects. In most cases you don’t need to attribute, but if you would like to then hey, why would we say no. Visit this page to see how you can attribute.

Refund Policy

We try our best to make sure it never comes to this, but if you ever feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth, get in touch with us and lets figure out a solution. If nothing works, you can read through our refund policy. We want you to be a happy client, we promise.

Trademarks & Logos

There are third party logos and trademarks mentioned or displayed across this website, all these logos and trademarks are property of their respective owner(s). We use these trademarks and logos in their relevant context. Please read this disclaimer notice/document to understand further their use on Dexines’ website.

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